Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Extra, extra READ all about it!

Sick of the cold, and the snow (or lakes of slosh)...

Well, we certainly are!

...and, to help you cozy up in that new Snuggie still sitting in its box from the holidays,
Talas has introduced 2 new and exciting books!

So, go on, get comfy, relieve yourself from the wintery months, and grab yourself a new book:

edited by Erma Hermens and Tina Fiske

The papers presented in this volume focus on a series of conservation ‘flashpoints’ - painted works, drawings, sculpture, installations, new media, performance, interiors and historic houses, cultural objects - and revolve around three key areas considered vital in establishing or vouchsafing an artwork’s ‘authenticity’: material, concept and context.

The papers, each in their own way, evaluate the critical potential of the pluralized form, ‘authenticities’, creating a platform for a continuous discussion on this important and fascinating theme.

Theory and Practice in the Conservation of the Modern and Contemporary Art

Ed. by Ursula Schadler-Saub & Angela Weyer

Confronts the theoretical foundation and the ethical and aesthetic principles of the conservation of modern and contemporary art, testing the limits and possibilities of the development of established positions and seeking new challenges.

The authors tackle the crucial question - whether there should be specific theoretical, ethical and aesthetic guidelines for the conservation and restoration of modern and contemporary art - by starting from important historical theories and seeing how these might be adapted to meet the demands of contemporary society in dealing with modern artworks and all the multiform cultural manifestations of today.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Brush off 2010...

... and welcome 2011 with the help of our new
KOI Water Brushes!

KOI water brushes are lightweight, sleek and perfect
for artists and conservators.

They are made of fine flexible nylon bristles and have a unique water reservoir.
The water level is visual through the transparent barrel and the brushes are available in three sizes to produce strokes from fine to broad.

Great for all types of conservation and artistic purposes.

Visit our website here to order your KOI Brushes today!