Thursday, December 17, 2009

What would YOU like?

So my friends, the tables have turned. Today we ask you, what would you like to see on our shelves (that we don't already stock) come next year?
Maybe it's a genre of paper, a particular tool, or maybe a new type of adhesive - whatever it is, let us know. We won't know unless you tell us, so don't be shy.

If it's feasible, we'll do our best to get it into our warehouse & up on our website as quick as we can!

So, start throwing ideas at us, and let's see what we can come up!

call: 212.219.0770
Or, better yet, let us know right here!


  1. perhaps your employees might be less rude with customers. its why i gave up ordering from you

  2. Sorry to hear you feel that way, perhaps we've changed since you've last ordered with us. In any event, thanks for your honest feedback.